Partnering with our chapter

Sponsorship Guidelines


We always welcome invitations to participate with like-minded organizations in order to mutually benefit both organizations. Having said that, there are direct costs to the chapter and its members in providing food or beverage for partner events, as well as indirect costs of labor and planning for members. With that in mind, the Board of Directors will consider proposals that meet the following guidelines:

· The mission of the partnering organization should be in alignment with the mission of the chapter (the chapter’s mission is the same as that of the international organization, which can be found at

· The partnering organization must offer an in-kind value equal to or greater than the cost to the chapter. That can include signage promoting the chapter, inclusion on a panel or speaker’s roster; a donation to the chapter. 

· The partnering organization does not directly financially benefit a chapter member.

· The partnering organization event does not conflict with the chapter’s own fundraising event(s). 

· The partnering organization does not already have an existing partnership/sponsorship relationship with Les Dames d’Escoffier International.

· The partnering request is made in writing or email to the chapter (put contact in)

The decision of the chapter’s Board of Directors is final.